Northern Territory Map

The Northern Territory is an expansive space, wildly diverse and remote. Despite the significant pockets of empty desert, the state actually offers myriad landscapes and attractions. From lush and tangled rainforests, cascading waterfalls and deep plunge pools to vast stretches of red earth broken by remarkable rock formations, the Northern Territory is always surprising.

This Northern Territory map reveals the sheer size of the state with pins locating some of the best accommodation at the best attractions.

Uluru (Ayers Rock): Often the reason many people come to the Northern Territory, and indeed Australia, Uluru is a spectacular monolith located in the south of the state.

Alice Springs: The heart of the red centre, Alice Springs is the thriving regional town that acts as the link between remote life and major Australian metropolis'. Full of Aussie characters, contemporary and traditional art, diverse culture and remarkable surrounds, no visit to the territory is complete with a stay in Alice Springs. Alice is situated in the south east of the Northern Territory.

Katherine: Katherine National Park is an expansive country filled with towering escarpments and sandstone gorges. Drive out or take a guided tour and experience some of the countries best swimming holes. Cruise a number of the 13 gorges throughout the park as you take in this truly aw-inspiring part of the world. Katherine is located towards the north of the state (just below Darwin).

Arnhem Land: Remote in every sense of the world, Arnhem Land is home to some of the only remaining indigenous communities still practicing their traditional lifestyle. Isolated, challenging terrain, Arnhem Land is best experienced with a guide. Arnhem land sits in the north eastern tip of the state.

Kakadu: Located in the north of the state, Kakadu National Park sits between Arnhem Land and Darwin. Filled with soaring waterfalls, aboriginal rock art, sheer cliff faces and large saltwater crocodiles, Kakadu is a fertile region packed with abundant natural surprises.

Darwin: Found at the very northern edge of the Northern Territory map, Darwin is a thriving multicultural metropolis. The states capital city, Darwin is a great place to land before heading out to the surround national parks - though be sure to stick around in the city for a couple of days, it's got a lot to offer.